SEO Audit Service

In-Depth SEO audit from Whisk

SEO Audit Service

Your website is beautiful, it really reflects your business and values but… nobody is finding it. It’s an old adage within SEO but if people aren’t finding your website, what’s the point?

At Whisk, we’ve often found that when looking at search engine presence, businesses only tend to look for specific keywords and give up when they don’t rank for them but we know that performing well on Google comes down to so much more than keywords.

Google is looking for users to always be having a smooth, stress-free search and website experience. This means website speed, internal linking, html and security.

In-Depth SEO audit from Whisk

As specialists in web design, web development and search engine optimisation, not only can Whisk help you understand the issues that your website is facing when it comes to search presence, we can provide long-lasting solutions that will boost your rankings, your visitors and, in turn, your business.

At Whisk, we’re passionate about providing great experiences and our partners getting the most out of the website builds.

What happens next?

The more we know about your business goals and aims, the more tailored your audit will be so, first, we’ll discuss your business, your website, and what you’re hoping to achieve with it. Following that, you’ll receive an actionable SEO audit with advice on content, structure and off-site SEO elements to improve your website presence.

We’ll also include a quote for providing SEO services that will improve your search presence.

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